Camplex CMX-TACNGO-4K Product Image

Camplex Tac-N-Go 4K/6G-SDI Fiber Optic Converter/Extender and 1000 Foot Tactical Fiber Cable Reel

Designed for Long Haul 4K & UHD Video Systems!

The Camplex 4K over fiber solution is perfect for camera shooters who need to send footage to 4K projectors or large 4K LED monitors at stadiums, sporting venues and similar live events. No longer are you stuck with downconverting to HD-SDI to cover long distances. The 4K you're shooting will be seen in 4K by your audience - the way it's meant to be!

A complete cost effective 4K to fiber optic converter and field deployable cable reel system. Converts and extends your 4K signals over 1000 feet of tactical fiber optical cable using the Camplex Tac-N-Go 4K system. The transmitter is built into a super rugged cable reel and connected to 1,000 feet of tactical grade fiber optic cable delivering the handy convenience of rapid field deployment. The receiver is then placed at the signal headend side - whether its a recorder, monitor, projection system or any other 4K device.

The Camplex 4K over Fiber conversion system delivers professional ST Fiber connectors, OCC brand tactical grade cable and a super rugged JACKREEL-F4 cable reel.

  • Convert SD/HD/6G-SDI to optical fiber and optical fiber to SD/HD/6G-SDI simultaneously
  • Supports 4K 4096x2160p24 signals, Ultra HD 3840x2160p, 2K 2048x1080p, 1080p, 1080i, 720p, and SD in both NTSC and PAL
  • Super rugged cable reel for fast & easy deployment
  • Durable TAC1 simplex singlemode ST fiber cable
Item Includes:
  • 2 - Blackmagic BMD-CONVMOF4K Bidirectional 6G-SDI 4K to LC Fiber Mini Converter
  • 1 - ST Fiber Adapter
  • 1 - ST to LC Fiber Jumper
  • 1 - 1000 ft Tac1 Singlemode Reel with ST Connectors
  • 2 - 12V Universal Power Supply
  • 5 - International plug adapters