Camplex BLACKJACK-SAN4 Product Image

Camplex V-Mount Battery Adapter Plate for BLACKJACK-1

Similar to the BLACKJACK-SAN1 but includes IDX style V-Mount battery adapter plate. Typically installed on the bottom of the BLACKJACK-1 to enable mounting the BLACKJACK-1 to a camera or device that has an IDX battery mount. Can be wired to pass power from a power source to the terminals of the adapter plate to power a camera if it is to mounted to a cameras IDX V style battery mount. IDX style V Battery Mount is installed on the SAN4 cheeseplate and shipped assembled. Includes all hardware to attach to the BLACKJACK-1.

The BLACKJACK SAN Series of Sandwich Adapter Plates (sometimes referred to as "Cheese Plates") that attach to either the bottom or the top of the BLACKJACK-1 and allow additional mounting of other various camera support hardware with an abundance of laser-cut holes in various configurations and patterns, the uses and options are limitless.